B&L has a unique approach to ISO consulting. There are two factors that make our approach to consulting the best ISO management system consulting available.

1)  ISO, done correctly, does not require you to adopt unfamiliar procedures but can be based on matching your existing activities to address the ISO requirements directly.

2)  ISO is not some mysterious art, which is full of gray areas. It is clearly defined, and can be interpreted and applied precisely.

B&L provides the best auditing services available. We know that audits must add value and must not be intrusive. We believe that audits should be a learning experience for staff (we give as many answers as we ask questions) and we are committed to audits being effective.

We believe audits should bring value to your organization. We ask management what they want and expect from their audit. We test the effectiveness of processes and we look for improvement opportunities everywhere we audit.

B&L provides a variety of training courses. These courses can be tailored to your exact needs, and we often provide dedicated, modified training courses to meet particular customer needs on-site. If you are handling your own ISO 9001 implementation, we can provide training materials allowing you to conduct your own future Quality Management System Training.

Contact us to discuss your particular needs.